The Sculptures of jonathan (Part1)

This week, I have had to work with sculpture. This project is challenging me because I never ever create a sculpture before. The sculpture is about jonathan livingston seagull which I have to read all the jonathan livingston seagull book, then transfer the story to the real sculpture.

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Once upon a time

In February, there are many good exhibitions that is in the center of Bangkok. I and my friends went around the city to visit the exhibitions. The exhibition that I really like it is Gi-ok Jeon Exhibition and it inspired me.

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Hello Pop-Up

Morning morning, today i woke up early because I can’t wait to share my story. This week I just finish my Pop-up project. This a project is about creating Teaser Pop-up for To-Klom musical. It is a group project that I work with my buddies. We have 2 month to finish these Pop-up, it quite fast but we can do it.

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My logo is me

Hello world, this is my first post on WordPress, I am very excited to share my story, work, and other experience of my life to you. As you know, I am graphic designer and I love design.

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