The Sculptures of jonathan (Part2)

Today I have a good new from my boss and I want to tell everyone that I am very happy and excited because my sculpture got the highest score. This sculpture become my greatest masterpiece of my work. So today I will explain every detail of this work.


The sculpture represent Jonathan Livingston’s characteristic. In the story, the author said most seagull only care about one eating but Jonathan is different because he care about flying. He spends hours alone each day practicing various aspects of flight. He found a higher purpose for life and the flock were not pleased with his perception about life. For them, Jonathan violated the tradition of the gull family. So he left his flock, he follow his dream and passion.

Gold wings mean he can y faster than other seagull and he is good as control his wings. Line represent speed. Silver color is the color of Jonathan body. Cloud represent Jonathan always spends his me in the sky. Texture show the body of bird.



I hope you enjoy reading my story and see you soon!!!


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