The Sculptures of jonathan (Part1)

This week, I have had to work with sculpture. This project is challenging me because I never ever create a sculpture before. The sculpture is about jonathan livingston seagull which I have to read all the jonathan livingston seagull book, then transfer the story to the real sculpture.


Fist of all, to create a sculpture, I have to concern about the view that mean it must look perfect in every angle so I designed to use the circle shape. Then I start to sketch my design.


The main materials of this project are Japanese clay, foam, wood, spy color, glue, wire, and letter of acrylic cutting. For me, it was hard to do it because I never ever play with clay before. Another problem of this work, it is hard to glue the wings to the body because clay is too heavy and glue not strong enough so I have to hold the wing 5-10 minute until glue is drying.



Even this work have a lot of problems but I never give up. I will fight until the end and next post I will show you my work after i have completed my work as soon as possible. See you soon!!!


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