My logo is me

Hello world, this is my first post on WordPress, I am very excited to share my story, work, and other experience of my life to you. As you know, I am graphic designer and I love design. After I graduate from University I plan to work as freelance to explore myself and know what I really want to do in the future. First of all, I think I have to have my own logo. I can’t wait to show you my logo. It took many days to do first sketches of my logo. I tried to think which design is represent myself. so I started with thinking about want I like and write it down. After I choose my favorite font and colors and did the sketches. Also, I want to use the first letter of my first-family name in  my design. Let’s see all of my sketches….



I got 4 styles of my logo but it was very hard for me to choose because I like all of them. Actually, there are various style that i like such as sweet with the pastel color, elegant, luxury, hand writing font,  or even playful style. Finally, I designed to ask my friends to help me to choose which logo is me and I chose the forth logo with peach and blue color. It is very cute like??? So let’s create you own name logo, I hope you might have fun with your logo.



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